AdRally Frequently Asked Questions

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What video ad placements does your SDK support?

AdRally currently supports non-rewarded video placements. A rewarded video placement solution is coming soon.

Can I run cross-promotional video ad campaigns for my own apps?

AdRally does not currently support cross-promotional video campaigns.

​Can I disable or turn off ads in my apps?

Ads can be controlled on a per-zone basis via the AdRally dashboard.

​How do I receive payment for my earnings?

To request a payment from your current balance, please email

What device identifiers does your system use to track performance?

Our system uses the device’s IDFA when tracking performance on iOS and the Google AID for the Google Play Store.

What platforms/dev tools are you compatible with?

At the moment AdRally is compatible with native iOS and Android development environments, as well as Unity, Adobe AIR, and Marmalade.

Where can I check for the latest SDK versions?

The most recently released versions of our SDK for all supported platforms can be found here Note that an existing AdRally account is required to download an SDK.

What control do I have over ads?

The AdRally dashboard gives you the controls to determine, on a per zone basis, the format of advertisement, the frequency they are shown, and the user segment they are delivered to.

What targeting options are available?

We offer an extensive list of targeting criteria that can be accessed through the Ad Rules section of the AdRally dashboard. This criteria is immediately updated on a user by user basis and does not require that the app is restarted before taking effect.

​Can I limit how many ads are shown in my app?

Yes. You can set either hourly or daily ad impression caps through the AdRally dashboard.

​Can I filter out ads that I do not want shown, or exclude types of ads from showing in my apps?

Yes. You can specify the types of ads you do not want to be shown by completing the blacklist form [here].