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Ad Rules

Ad Rules provide the ability to dynamically adjust your ad strategy in response to user behaviour. Using the tools in this subsection, you can target specific groups of users based on behavioural criteria and then override the settings of any ad zone or group of ad zones for those users. All updates to user targeting are live, and do not require an update of the app in order to take effect. For example, if you have a rule that disables ads for all of your app’s paying users, any user that completes a purchase will not receive any ads for the rest of that session or any subsequent sessions.

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Creating an Ad Rule

Step 1

Upon creating a new rule you, will have to name it. You can change this name at any time by clicking in the text field labeled “name”. To create a new ad rule, click the “Add Rule” button.

Name Your Rule.png

Step 2

Here you will select the zone(s) you want to include in the rule. Click in the text field and type in the name of the ad zone(s) you want included. Alternatively, you can select the desired zones from the dropdown list.

Ad Rule Criteria.png

Step 3

Here you will select the criteria of the user group you want the rule to target. First click the Add New button. Then, select the criteria from the drop down list, add a comparison, and then a value. For example, Paying users > are not > included.

Step 4

Here you will select your content criteria for the rule. The process is the same as in ad zones: select the desired content formats and set the desired frequency caps for each content type (the lowest value is always chosen). This will overwrite the options defined in the included ad zones. NOTE: A value of “0” will always equate to uncapped. While leaving all fields blank will turn off ads.


Prioritizing, Disabling, and Deleting Rules

There is no limit to the number of rules you can create, but rules are prioritized from top to bottom. To shift a rule’s place in the priority order, click the arrow buttons on the far right of each rule.

If you want a rule to no longer affect your users, uncheck the “Enabled” checkbox next to the green arrows. This will prevent the rule from taking effect, but will allow you re-enable it at a later date.

To delete a rule, click the green “+” button to view its details and then click the “Delete” button. You will be prompted to confirm the action. Once a rule is deleted, it cannot be recovered, so take care to check the details of your rule carefully.

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DISCLAIMER: Ad Rules will not function if test ads are enabled.