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Ad Zones

The Ad Zones subsection is where you’ll find all the controls you’ll need to customize each of your app’s specific ad placements. Ad zones allow you to change what ad formats will be delivered to each zone, as well as allow for control over the number of ad impressions each zone will deliver on a per user basis.

NOTE: Ad zones will only appear on the AdRally dashboard once they have been pushed from the client. Until a client has made the appropriate API calls in the app, ad zones will not appear on the AdRally dashboard.

Ad Zone Header Plus Default.png

Default Ad Zone

The default ad zone serves as the catch-all zone for delivering ad impressions in your app. This zone also serves as a template for use for your custom ad zones. Begin by selecting the type of content you want delivered in this zone: static, video, or cross promotional (you can select multiple content formats). If you want to limit the frequency of impressions, input the desired frequency cap for each type of content. This can be customized by hour and or day. If the daily and hourly conflict, the lowest value will be used. NOTE: A value of “0” will always equate to uncapped.

Custom Ad Zone.png

Customizing Ad Zones

Ad zones will appear in the AdRally dashboard at the point when the client makes an API call for an ad with a named zone (zones are pushed from the client to the AdRally dashboard). They will be labelled with the zone name that was used when the ad zone API call was made. Next to the naming field, you can select “enabled” to activate the zone. If you would like to use the default ad zone settings check the “Use Default” box (note that this does not make that zone the default, instead it simply applies the default zone’s settings to that zone). If you would like to create custom settings for this zone the process is the same as when creating the default settings. Select your desired content type(s), then select the desired cap for each type of content. This can be specified by hour and or day (if the daily and hourly values conflict, then the lowest of either value will be used).

Renaming An Ad Zone

To rename an ad zone, click into the name field, clear its contents, and enter the replacement name. Note that changing this value does not change any code in your app, and only affects how the zone is labelled on the AdRally dashboard. To revert to the name that was originally sent by the client, first clear the field and then click anywhere else on the page. The zone’s original name will be placed into the field.

Setting Frequency Caps

Both default and custom ad zones can have frequency caps specified to limit the number of impressions delivered per user. If you are setting these caps for a custom zone, first make sure that the “Use Default” field is unchecked, then enter the number of impressions you’d like to have shown on a daily or hourly basis. If both fields have values in them, impressions will stop serving whenever either of the caps are hit.

For Example: If START_SCREEN_ZONE’s Daily cap is five but the hourly cap is one and your app calls five ads within an hour, only one ad will be served. Another ad will only be shown once sixty minutes have elapsed since the time the first ad was shown. If five ads are shown over five hours, the app will have hit its daily limit and will not serve another ad until twenty four hours have elapsed since the first ad contributing to the daily cap was served. The lowest cap will always take effect first.

NOTE: A value of “0” will always equate to uncapped.

Cross Promo

If you would like to serve cross promotional ads in your game, please contact to set up your campaign. AdRally optimizes your revenue by serving the highest paying ad available. Because cross promotional ads do not contribute to AdRally revenue, they will not be prioritized if either video or static ads are enabled. A zone that only serves cross promotional ads can be set by disabling video and static interstitials for the zone and leaving only the cross promo checkbox enabled. If you need to set up a zone that serves cross promo as well as video or interstitials, please contact