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Test Devices

FuseBoxx™ can keep track of test devices, in order to track internal users.

Adding Test Devices

To tag a device as a test device, access the Test Devices Section under (Admin Tab > Test Devices)


From the Test Devices section you have to input the IDFA of the device (MAC and UDID have been deprecated), once you have entered the data of the test device, it will be logged into our system.

This is where you enter the device information

Validating Test Devices

Tracking Sessions

Now that we've done the easy part it's time to make sure that theses devices are properly logged into the FuseBoxx™ System.

When viewing data from Test Devices you must remember to change the filter, as pictured, you want to check Test Users and Cracked Apps.


Now that we have Test Devices logged we need to track sessions on these devices using your 36-digit unique API key (you can find your API key under the Admin Tab > Integrate SDK > Your API Keys)

Once you know your API key, you have everything you need to start you are ready to begin using the startSession Function with your API key.

Unfortunately, the startSession function uses different syntax based on your development platform, Here is a list of our Quick Start Guides which will tell you how to set up the Fuse SDK as well as start a session with the sdk.

  1. iOS Quick Start
  2. Android Quick Start
  3. Marmalade Quick Start
  4. Adobe Air Quick Start
  5. Unity Quick Start


The FuseBoxx™ System Updates on the Hour, so you will not be able to see your session data immediately.

Setting up Cohorts

The next step in Validating your Test Users is setting up a cohort for the Test Users (Cohorts are updated more frequently than session data so they are a better tool for checking live data).

We will teach you more about implementing cohorts later, but for now we're going to show you a very simple example so you can check for your test users being logged. To start go to the Cohort page (Analysis Tab > Cohorts), here you will see all the cohorts for your app as well as some basic information on your cohorts (when you create your app FuseBoxx™ automatically creates a few cohorts, you can click Cohort Criteria to see what is required to be put into these cohorts).

To create your first cohort click Add/Edit near the top, You will be asked to enter a name, you can enter Test Users or whatever name you would prefer, and press save. Now you will be able to enter criteria for your cohorts, while adding criteria you can press the refresh button to see how many users fall into this cohort. Press Add New to add a criteria, you want to create three criteria, for the first select "Test users" "are" Included, then save the criteria, for the second, select "Cracked apps" "are" included, save again, for the last criteria select "Total Session" ">=" "1", then press done. Your Cohort should look like this
Suggested Cohort.png

You should now see that your cohort is populated. Another way to check is to go to the status page for your apps (Admin Tab > Integrate SDK > Status).


It may take up to an hour for this page to update every status.