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App Events

App events are configurable events that appear on FuseBoxx™. They appear at the top of the dashboard when triggered, and are easy to recognize.


This is an example of an App Event, where the event is a version change from 1.5 to 1.6.

FuseBoxx™ will automatically create App Events for certain system level criteria, for example: your app goes live, your app is featured, or your app is updated in the store.

You can also create your own events, these will be displayed just like system level App Events, and you can set up what time they appear at. To create your own App Events, navigate to the App Events section (Toolboxx > App Config > App Events)


To create a new App Event press the Add Row button, the new row will have two column that you will need to fill.

In the First Column: input what you want to be displayed when the App Event is triggered

In the Second Column: input the time you want the App Event to be displayed

You can use App Events to keep track of changes you've made to your app internally (e.g. an IAP sale, changes to cohorts, etc.). A history of all your App Events is stored in FuseBoxx™ (it's the same place where you add new App Events), you can use this history of the App Events to compare the the revenue/IAP data of your App before and after the changes were made.


You must input the time in server time (PST).