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Setting up Push Notifications on Android

Click Here for information on setting up Push Notifications on your Android Device. You will also need to Enter your Google Cloud Messaging Key in the Configure Section (Toolboxx Tab > Push Notifications > Configure Section).

After you have finished the Set Up, you can open the Add Push Message section to start adding Push Notifications. After entering a title and composing a message, you must also enter the time you want the message to be deployed, and the Timezone.

Setting up Apple Push Notifications

To start using Apple Push Notifications you need to set them up in the Configure Section (Toolboxx Tab > Push Notifications > Configure section), here you will need to enter the Production and Development Certificates.

Once you have configured FuseBoxx™ for your APNS you will need to add Push Notifications from the Add Push Message section. After composing your message in the Text Box, you need to choose a few more options before you send out your notification.

Run Time: Select the date and time you would like your notification to start running

Target Environment: Choose between Production and Development Certificates.

Sound File: The sound that will play when the push notification is received, the file must be within the app. For more information on setting up custom alert sounds and what types can be used, click here

Badge: This is the number outlined in red shown at the top right of the app icon on the springboard. Note: you will have to configure your app to clear the badge, most likely when it the app is opened.

Target Cohort: Select the cohort you would like to send the notification to.

Time Zone: Choose the timezone you would like applied to the selected run time.

Language: If a language is selected here, the notification will only be sent to devices set to run in that language.

Countries: Use the checkboxes to select which countries will receive this notification.

Press submit and now you push notification will be saved and ready to add to the message queue. To add a message to the Queue, open the Manage Message Queue section, at the bottom of the page is a list of all push notification that you have created, when you are ready you can select the Queued section of the Push notification and select Yes.

Targeted Fuse Notifications

Fuse Notifications are in-app notifications that can be targeted at all users or at specific cohorts. They support URLs linking to different parts of your app, to the app store, and outside your app entirely.

To create a new Fuse Notification go to the Fuse Notification section (Toolboxx Tab > Fuse Notifications) and then the Configure subsection. This section shows a list of all Fuse Notifications that have been created for your app. When you add your app to FuseBoxx™, we create the "Enjoying the game?" and "Upgrade" notifications by default (you can edit these by pressing the edit button at any time, this will allow you to change the "Shown On", "Sticky" and "Enabled" values). At the bottom of the list, press the Add Notification button, a blank notification row will be added to the list, click edit and the "Edit Fuse Notification" section will appear at the bottom of the page. Click here for an explanation on the options presented.

When you have selected the right checkboxes for your notification you can then add the text that will be used in the notification


When you are finished press the "Submit" button on the right side of the page and your notification will be saved.


Cohorts can be leveraged within both the Fuse notification and Push notification systems. Anytime a new notification is being configured, click the "Target Cohort" drop down menu to specify exactly which cohort should receive notifications.