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Reading Revenue

You can use the Revenue section of FuseBoxx™ to see all of your combined revenue data. The main subsection is used for viewing revenue, separated by source, over a period of time. Also, FuseBoxx™ allows you to view your revenue data by country, or view a breakdown of your IAP data.

By country allows you to hover over countries to view the revenue earned from that country.

IAP Comparison shows you which IAPs are most popular, which ones are earning you the most money, and can also display data from two different time periods side by side (i.e. you could directly compare the IAP breakdown for two separate months, or this current month to the past week, etc.).

FuseBoxx™ also has a tool that allows you to import other revenue sources.

Importing Revenue

You can import revenue either from a csv or manual entry, if a source you want to import isn't displayed on the list, you can input the name of a new source at the bottom of the page.

Revenue Source.png

Once you import other sources they will appear in your main revenue breakdown.