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Welcome to FuseBoxx™

The FuseBoxx™ SDK gives you the tools you need to get the most out of your mobile games and applications. FuseBoxx™ is where you will view all your data collected from your app and make changes that will be reflected in your application.

Here are Links to our FuseBoxx™ Usage Guides, we wrote these out with the express purpose of walking you through our key features and how they work. If you need more information on any of our features, look here for a guide.

Interface and Reading Data


FuseBoxx™ is divided up into 3 layers. At the top, we have the Analysis, Toolboxx, and Admin tabs. Within each tab are several sections, each pertaining to a particular part of your game's performance or behaviour. Each section has subsections that display specific data points.

Breakdown of our Interface

When viewing most parts of FuseBoxx™, the filter menu can be used to view information based on particular criteria, including country and source. By default, test users and cracked apps are deselected in the filter, while you are using ad-hoc (non app-store) builds you will need to make sure that Cracked Apps are checked.

What our Filter looks like

When viewing FuseBoxx™ events, you can use the Date Selector to pull data from a specific time frame. The date selector lets you select the duration of time you'd like to look over, as well as how it's divided.

Timeframe view of Date Selector

Here we are looking at the events over the entire lifetime of an app, as one aggregate count. If you were to select any other increment, you would have to select the date range by pressing the calendar on the right.